About Us

About our company

Total Financial Solutions Limited (TFS) was established on 2009 which arose from a need in Wellington for a insurance brokering business to enter the risk market. Today, TFS has established itself as a key player in the market and has achieved an excellent rapport with the existing clients and insurance companies.

About our adviser

The director Ning Zhou is a The Financial Service Providers Register (FSP#133244) and member of the Professional Advisers Association (PAA) and has worked in a financial service business for over 10 years prior to this and had gained the necessary qualifications and experience which enabled her to setup her own company encompassing her vision, strategy and a heartbeat to provide an excellent customer experience.

About our service

This has been possible given that the Asian market is now the highest portfolio of clients for TFS. The services which are offered to clients a range of general and risk insurance products .

With this in mind, TFS has a great future with key relationships established within insurance institutions and this has been achieved through sheer dedication, hard work and ultimately TFS has a proven track record for numerous years and continues to strive to do so.