Wellington will fall short of new housing target

The target of 1000 new homes in a year has proved too tough for Wellington, with the city council revealing it will probably fall well short of the target.
With just 366 new homes and sections consented in the first half of the financial year, the final tally by July 1 is projected to be 732 – missing out on the target by more than 25 per cent – a report going to the council's transport and urban development committee on Thursday warns.
The expected final number of consents is in line with how many were typically issued before the ambitious target was set as part of the Wellington Housing Accord signed with the Government last year....

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why life insurance premium increase

The most common complaint about life insurance is the increase in premiums every year. Traditional stepped premiums start off cheap and increase every year as you get older. As you get older there is more risk to the insurer this is reflected in the increase premium each year. What starts off as the most cost effective option becomes expensive over time and results in most people cancelling their cover.
Most people take out life insurance to cover debt like the mortgage. Research by Westpac in New Zealand last year revealed the average first home buyer was 34. With q 25 or 30 year term most people will have the mortgage all their working life and well into their 60s.

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Residential Property Investment

The basics of residential property investment
Buying investment property is a decision not to be taken lightly. It is a large financial outlay normally accompanied by an equally large mortgage, which in turn must be serviced. Consider:
1. Read about investing in property: as a first step before even considering investing in residential property, it is prudent to educate yourself as much as possible on the topic. Read widely; there is a wealth of material available, much of which is free of charge. There are many magazines, free guides, books and New Zealand...