Switching banks is easy

If there’s one thing banks have got down to a fine art it’s moving customers from one bank to another. Banks have a streamlined switching process which in almost all cases the process is relatively hassle-free and the gains can be significant.
Changing your mortgage can save you heaps of money through sharper interest rates, reduced fees, and giving you the opportunity to change your loan term and structure to get mortgage free quicker.
We know you’re busy and we’re committed to making the process seamless and hassle-free. We have years of experience helping people make successful mortgage switches and are here to walk you through the process. You can...

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Seven Rules to Fix Your Personal Finances

Here's an adapted version for Kiwis:
Step 1
Make a will.
Step 2
Pay off your credit cards and loans. Then close the accounts: this is the most expensive debt for most of us.
Step 3
Set term life insurance if you have a family to support. Shop around to get the best deal.
Step 4
Join KiwiSaver and put in at least $1043 per year to ensure you get the maximum tax credit from the government of $521. That's $521 of free money from the government every year until you turn 65 (or they change the rules).
Step 5
Put aside emergency savings...

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refixing your mortgage – switching banks might get you the best deal

Is it time to fix your mortgage? Do you stay with your current bank or is the grass greener elsewhere?
When it’s time to refix their current mortgage clients often ask us if switching banks would get them a better deal. The common theme in all our conversations is that they’d be happy to stay with their current bank if they’re offering the best deal, and they’re equally happy to move if they can do better.
There are three main reasons why people look to make a move from their existing bank. Firstly, they’re after a better deal. Secondly, they may be unhappy with the service they’re getting. And thirdly, because their existing bank can...

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