Property investment Guide

Property Investment Guide
 The first step in successful property investment is to establish a strategy, setting out how you will achieve your goals and the rules you're going to follow. Ask yourself:

  • ·    What property market do I want to invest in?

·         Who do I need to help me?
·         What ownership structure will I use for my investment property(s)?
·         How can I get the best return from my investment property(s)?

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2015 Housing Marketing Outlook


Review 2014
In the last quarter of 2014, the housing market is no change in surprise, though it was expected after the elections take place at a low ebb in the housing market to rebound. Fixed mortgage rates decline, especially in the long-term aspects. In addition, the Reserve Bank in December 11 announced the official cash rate at 3.5 percent. These factors, coupled with the decline in gasoline prices, have brought a good short-term prospects.

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Chinese banks creeping into lending market
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