Are we sicker or just savvier customers?

I don’t think people are sicker, and yet, there are more people claiming benefits, both state and income protection benefits. A big study for the New Zealand treasury a little while ago was done to look at the same question.
“Little SB (sickness benefit) and IB (invalid’s benefit) growth can be explained by increases in ill-health and disability among the working age population, either overall or due to population ageing” says Michael Fletcher in his December 2009 paper. He produces Ministry of Health data to support that view too.
Although, with so many things, this is complicated to even measure. So much so that the researcher for that paper had...

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There is more to life insurance


Life insurance – it’s not something any of us like to think about. We know it’s important to protect our loved ones financial future should we die, but that’s the thing - it’s only payable on death. Or is it?

What some people don’t realise is that the term ‘life insurance’ encompasses many different products designed to protect you and your family from many of life’s challenges. One such product is Trauma Cover.

What is Trauma Cover?

Trauma Cover pays a one-off amount if you are diagnosed for the first time with a...

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A look into the size of the hole smoking can burn in your back pocket when it comes to health insurance

Smoking will typically increase the amount you pay for health insurance by just under 20%.
Most health insurers increase their premiums by between 16% and 20% to account for the higher likelihood of smokers experiencing costly health problems compared with non-smokers. has compared premium prices between seven insurers, for basic health cover, with an excess of $500.
In the study, aimed at providing a simple snapshot of how much being a smoker can cost you, has used the profile of a single male aged 25, 35, 45, 55 and 65.
Findings show most insurers take a similar approach, formulating a pricing structure to accommodate for the...

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